Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Procrastination and Inspiration

Well, I must say I have a strong dedication to procrastination.....explanation - the lovely Lorena Kelly, finished this site for me in March and it has taken me until now to not only post my first blog but to let everyone in my mailing list know that the site is up.

Ah, but as is the case with a lot of things, I do have my reasons for the delay but these usually only become clear to me after I've wandered around for some time thinking about something else. As much as I can figure, here's the way I see it. For some time now, I have been struggling with a feeling of indifference towards music, the music business, singing, performing, writing, well, you get the picture. I've been trying to figure out exactly why and I think a lot of it had to do with two efforts on my part. First off, I'd been doing the same thing and using the same old approach to performing for a while and getting unsatisfactory results (in my opinion). Secondly, as is my nature (nothing in moderation) I swung way out of the comfort zone and tried a few things that were akin to fitting a square peg in a round hole. Whether I was the peg or the hole would be interesting to know but either way, a fit was not to be found!

Ultimately I ended up being bored and with a bruised ego. Not necessarily a fun place to be. Anyway, to make a long story short I've reached the conclusion that what I really need to do is be myself and present as honest a picture of me, the artist as possible. This is the best way, I believe to achieve what I want musically and to finally get my new cd done and done the way I want it. Until then, I'm going to keep proceeding with 'baby steps'. (Those two words always remind me of the movie "What About Bob?" with Bill Murray. Cracks me up everytime!)

As an aside, during this "hiatus" from performing and writing, when asked whether I "was still doing music" my stock answer was "In my head". It warranted a few strange looks but it ended the inquiring. Yes, I know. I'm a smartass. I couldn't help it though. It just felt like such a personal question. And yes, I know. I'm a bit odd. I'm coming to terms with it.

So bear with me if the next few months don't bring about massive touring all over the country or even in my fine home city of Regina. But we will start doing more performances - rehearsals for our upcoming "Taste of Regina" show have been fun and inspiring. The set will be 95% original tunes with some old favorites getting a new arrangement and some brand spanking new ones as well. I'm playing with some of my most favorite musicians: Dan Silljer (guitar), Jeff Mcleod (keys), Brett Schinbein (bass) and Mike Thompson (drums).

I have faith that this new kickstart of inspiration will linger and keep reminding me of what my life-long passion has been and remains to be.

Please know that friends and supporters of my music (you know who you are!) continue to provide a firm foundation for my wishy washy, sometimes adrift, procrastinating ass. Thank you and don't stop the support!