Thursday, August 03, 2006

Moving Madness and Merriment

Okay, okay, so I'm a bit behind on my "once a week commitment" to write a post but here I am. So there. As my title states, I've been in the middle of moving madness as I've abandoned my cozy little bachelor suite in Cathedral to move in with my honey, Steven at his condo. Joining us is Steven's cat Harold and my Jack Russell terrorist, I mean terrier, Doobie. Doobie is 13 and as hyper as ever, it seems. He's adjusting well to the move and really likes the nice big park out our back door. He's already insisted on a morning routine of a few laps of sniffing and peeing and until this happens, I am constantly "talked" to (otherwise known as growling). Harold is a good replica of the famous Garfield except where Garfield's official weight is 27 lbs, Harold sits in at a whopping 30 lbs. and that's without lasagna. He's had a bit of a hard time adjusting to all the chaos and the introduction of his own personal Odie probably hasn't helped much. He did though, munch down a bird yesterday (I don't know how he caught it but he did) so that probably was a good stress reliever for him.

Other than that, I cleaned and cleaned the old place to ensure a full refund of the old damage deposit and was successful. My brotha from anotha mutha and guitar player, Dan Silljer along with Cherry Bomb singer and bass player respectively, Stacy and Kevin, as well as Stacy's honey, Mike were kind enough to aid in moving out the big stuff for which I am forever grateful! So now it's all about trying to get organized here and along with the day job, it's a slow process but we'll get through I'm sure.

On to merriment, there has been much. Our gig at Taste of Regina was a blast and I was overall quite pleased with how it went. We spent some time rearranging our new songs "Bruise Me" and "Randy's Song" and the results were awesome. Especially in the case of "Randy's Song", I've been tinkering with that arrangement literally for years (much to the chagrin of my players, I'm sure!) but I think we've got it very, very close to where it should be! We introduced a new song "Tenacious" and I am so digging this tune right now. Once I get a bit more settled in, we'll begin work on recording these three and getting them up for you to hear. I'm excited, I tell ya!!

After my last few applications of Windex and Pinesol at the last apartment, I headed for a quick shower and then attended my very good friend, Graham's Deck Wetting Party. This was also an unofficial birthday party for Graham and his oh so wonderful Corgi, Ogden. I must say, I was quite flattered that Ogden blessed me with his companionship, with so many to choose from but then again, I shouldn't be surprised as I bring him beef.

This party was also a chance to mingle with the many who all love Graham, including my super girl friend, Sherry from Saskatoon. She and I went to Portugal together and she had just returned from Italy, sporting some fine duds, absolutely. Except for her wanting me to light her cigarette, it was a great visit! I also got a chance to reconnect with Harry Duke, who didn't know what a blog was, so I said I'd be sure to mention him and his dedicated fundraising efforts for Parkinson's. He also got me off the hook with the whole cigarette lighting incident so that was good. There were many interesting people, including a few who signed my guest book (Thank You!!) and a good time was had by all.

Tuesday was a day off from work and I strongly felt I needed a treat. So, I recruited the bass player I work with, Brett Schinbein and his lovely wife, Charlotte to join me for a feast at the Keg, which is also my "day job". Most people would consider it a "night job" but I'm a musician so any job that usually ends before midnight is "day". Period. We dined on steak and lobster and shrimp cocktail and scallops & bacon and cauliflower au gratin - I told you I wanted a treat - and then moved over to the deck where cold beer and shots of tequila wrapped up the evening. I need to shout out a thank you to manager extraordinaire, Bruce Crowe for putting up with having to staff three tabs for me. Sorry, for all that moving around! It just happenened! Anyway, great conversation, with good people and an awesome meal; life does not get much better!

Well, I need to start organizing around here before it's off to work. I have many topics I want to cover, including the ongoing "Rock Star" tv show and how my audition experience was so that will be coming up in the future. Please feel free to post comments and above all, stay in touch! It's always so good to hear from you!



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