Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hibernation & Rejuvenation

Well, I can smell spring in the air and I feel good! I must admit though, I've been a bad, bad girl when it comes to communicating with my friends, family and fans and I sincerely apologise. I've been in a serious "mulling it over" phase which relates to the "hibernation" part of my title. I can only beg for forgiveness and understanding from those who have emailed me (and yes, they know who they are!) and have patiently waited for a reply, to no avail.

It's so strange. I get an email from someone or somebody signs my guest book and I feel so good. And then months go by and I cruise through my inbox and damn, with all my good intentions, I have not replied and then human nature guides me along the thought that, well it's too late now. What is up with that? I mean, I even made a New Year's resolution to respond immediately to each and every email! (I think I got through five before I got distracted with going to my day job or something stupid like that.) Speaking of New Year's resolutions, I did promise myself to work out regularly and strangely enough, only got back into that routine at the, ah, hmm...beginning of March. :-) Blame it on winter. No one in Saskatchewan should be expected to do any major actions in the dead of winter. That's all I have to say on that.

Okay, on to rejuvenation. I've been a ball of stress/excitement as I prepare with my band to perform at Junofest 2007. It's in Saskatoon and we're playing Bud's On Broadway at 11:00 pm for 45 minutes. This set will feature original songs including new tunes to be included on the upcoming CD, as well as some "eva gold" nuggets. We've also been asked to perform a set at 2:00 am as the bars will be open an extra hour. This set will be what I call a "party" set - lots of uptempo, super familiar cover tunes to keep people in a party frame of mind. It should be a ton of fun and I am really looking forward to it, especially since I'll have worked ten days in a row at The Keg to make sure I have some fun cash as well as pay my band at least a quarter of what they're really worth! Yes, kids, it may be my name on the sign but on the cheque my name will be accompanied with my signature to ensure payment to the required recipients. I am determined that when the CD is done my credits will include a thank you to Visa, Mastercard and the kindness of strangers, via the tips I make. Same goes to my live gigs, now that I've abandoned the "cover" song route. (Should have done that years ago but that's another post!).

I just celebrated a birthday and that, combined with the impending Spring season has filled me with a sense of hope and optimism. I do think the possibility is strong that I will reach my dream of being a full-fledged working singer slash songwriter, performing my own music. What a blessing that would be! Regardless of what happens, please know that I do consider myself very blessed. I was born into a wonderful family, filled with love and support; I am allowed the freedom to dream and pursue my goals without heedless criticism and I can thank my God anytime I want without the fear of persecution. I have a good man who loves me and given the right circumstances I can bring a full grown man to tears with my voice and a powerful lyric. What else could I ever need?


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